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    I haven’t written anything yet about the fantastic group with whom I work, so I wanted to share a few things now. I am the Math Education Specialist for the Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, one of the programs created and implemented by the Center for 21st Century Skills at EDUCATION CONNECTION, a Regional Educational Support Center. (I could not Tweet my title!) We are a non-profit organization, entirely grant-funded, providing experiences for students in urban, suburban, and rural public schools.

    The Academy is a unique program: it pulls together a cohort of students within a school who stay together for math, science, and tech classes – for four years! It also connects students from different schools as they get together for our experiential events. The curricula are developed by us, and we train the teachers and support them throughout the year. The students work on projects within each class, and a big multi-disciplinary project that they present at the CT Student Innovation Expo. Here’s a peek at the Expo:



    Pretty cool, huh? There wasn’t much talk of math, but it’s in there!

    Our other major event is the CT Student Film Festival. Students from all over the state submit documentaries, stop-action animation, phonography, 90-second films, and films made in 84 hours. It is a red-carpet event – filled with cameras, jokes, awards, and press, and the student filmmakers are blown away by the star treatment they receive! Here is a look at the CTSFF:

    There are nine of us at the Center – pretty amazing, huh? I am blessed to have found a place where I can contribute what I know about math and pedagogy, explore and share math that excites me, and do so in the company of like-minded educators. It is a pleasure to do this important work.


    After teaching for 14 years, I now design curriculum and create digital and print instructional materials for high school and middle school math. I have also invented and am now marketing radian-scale protractors. Check out www.proradian.net! I'm very happily married and have 2 grown sons and a cat named Louie.

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