• Chicken Dance Patterns

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    This came in an email from one of my colleagues, Deb Nihan, from Wamogo Middle School  – what a great, fun activity!


    Just thought I would pass this along – as an introductory activity for patterns, I had the kids do the chicken dance. The kids had a great time doing it, but the best part was when someone asked ‘what does this have to do with math?’ and I put the question to the group. This led to a good discussion of pattern and sequence in all kinds of things – music, art, nature etc.  Deb


    Instructions and images from www.wikihow.com/Do-the-Chicken-Dance

    1. Pinch your fingers and thumbs together in front of you 4 times.

    2. Flap your arms 4 times.

    3. Wiggle side to side 4 times. Get your back side as low as you can.

    4. Clap 4 times.

    5. Repeat steps 1-4 until you hear the swing-like music.

    6. Swing around until the swing-like music ends.



    Try it! Here the tune is being performed on a wooden street organ, built and played by John Smith.

    After you dance, write a short reflection about how the Chicken Dance relates to mathematics.


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