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    2015 ICTM ProRadian BoothI am the inventor of ProRadian Protractors and an independent math consultant, specializing in high school and middle school mathematics curricula. I have developed full-year, original courses in Algebra1 and Geometry, and I am very familiar with the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics. An experienced speaker (NCTM, GGBNA13, ATMNE, ATOMIC, CTEEA,…), I have presented on topics relevant to the CCSM including curricular and pedagogical changes. I am an experienced GeoGebra user (see my profile on geogebra.org) and a regular contributor to Daily Desmos. I am a strong proponent of integrating technology and blended learning in a school or classroom. I am currently developing digital activities for an OER Middle School math curriculum, using Desmos and GeoGebra – a perfect job for me! I keep my math mind active with great Twitter conversations with math educators from around the world who gather at the hashtag, #MTBoS (Math Twitter Blog-o-Sphere). Come join us!


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