• Liu Hui Cube: Project Resources

    Here are the resources you will need to make the blocks created by Liu Hui in 3rd century China and recreated by me in GeoGebra in 21st century America. Click to download.

    Paper Patterns                 Templates                 Magnets (1/4″ diameter, 1/16″ thick)


    1. Order printed papers. I chose the following from Best Value Copy.

    •  Single Sided
    •  Page Size: 8.5 x 11
    •  Bleed Pages to Edge
    •  Paper Type: 80# Glossy Cover

    2. Print the templates on the back. I do this as a separate step so I can use the papers for different things.

    3. Place your printed template on a small stack of paper and, using a fine-tip ballpoint pen and a ruler, score every fold line, pressing hard to indent the paper.

    4. Cut along outside lines with scissors, being careful with the inside corners.

    5. Fold all of the tabs inward. Fold the sides inward.

    6. Use an emery board (nail file) or sand paper to rough-up the tabs. This will help the rubber cement stick.

    7. Put a square of double-sided tape on each circle. Starting with Quiandu, put magnets in the center of each circle, ensuring that the polarity is consistent.

    8. Cover each magnet and the area around it with regular tape. This keeps the magnets from pulling each other off the double-sided tape.

    9. Fold all three shapes and hold them together to see the orientation. Hold Bianao and Yangma in place against Quiandu so that you can put the magnets in the proper positions, and then put the magnets in place to connect Bianao and Yangma. Cover them all with tape.

    10. One shape at a time, put rubber cement on each flap, wait a few seconds, refold the shape, and hold it in place for a moment.

    11.  Enjoy the awesomeness!