• Algebra

    These lessons are designed to be student-centered and investigative. The teacher may need to explain text to students whose reading ability is significantly below grade-level, but most students should be able to learn individually or in pairs. A class discussion with a check for understanding is a good way to end the lesson.

    Purple Glove


    Fencing a Paddock

    Mohegan Sun Arena

    Powerful Fractals

    Modeling Hydrocarbons

    Data Collection & Analysis

    The Thirsty Crow (using sliders on Desmos)

    The Thirsty Crow (using regression on GeoGebra)

    Giant Purple Glove (correlation)

    World’s Greatest Drag Race

    Linear Functions in Motion

    Equations & Inequalities

    Choosing an iPod 


    8 Quick Activities to Build a Library of Relations

    Linear Functions in Motion

    Quadratics & Other Conics

    Visualizing the Quadratic Formula


    Conics Exploration

    Angry Birds