• Geometry

    These lessons are designed to be student-centered and investigative. The teacher may need to explain text to students whose reading ability is significantly below grade-level, but most students should be able to learn individually or in pairs. A class discussion with a check for understanding is a good way to end the lesson. The handouts are written so they may serve as self-directed student work or teacher notes for a lesson. You don’t need to print everything for the kids!

    Vector Mazes – Learn the basics about vectors to perform translations

    Alphabet Letters for Reflection and Rotation in GeoGebra – 26 files, ready to go!

    John Golden’s Flip-Flops -reflection game

    Constructions as Art –  a pentagon

    Matrix Transformations in GeoGebra – transforming a triangle and a quadratic function

    Pipe Art – exploring triangle congruence rules with transformations

    Islamic Lattices – angle pairs formed by parallel lines cut by a transversal

    Vesica Picis – customizing the toolbar for classical constructions

    Going Crackers – a tutorial on embedding and annotating images

    Golden Ratio – more image embedding with a construction on top

    Radian Protractors – new protractors that I developed (proradian.net)

    Exploring Conic Sections – sixteen applets to introduce conics in Geometry

    Liu Hui Solids – exploring 3rd century Chinese mathematics

    Rhombic Dodecs – cool shapes to build that fill space & create tetrahedral numbers

    Make a Soccer Ball – area of polygons

    Spiral Jetty and Spiral of Theodorus – Cool use of GeoGebra and an image

    Animations – Using GeoGebra to create animations

    Student Animations – Some examples of student work




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