• 2013 North American GeoGebra Conference

    A GeoGebra-Enriched Approach to Teaching Math

    Me and my best GGB Twitter Friends!

    I have used GeoGebra extensively to create interactive instructional materials for Algebra and Geometry. I believe in a Blended-Learning approach, and GeoGebra is a perfect tool for that. Students can start small, using pre-made applets and doing simple investigations, and quickly learn enough to be producers, not just consumers of content.

    There are many things I love about GeoGebra:

    It’s free! It can be run on or off the web html5 is making it easier to use on mobile devices It is very simple to get started There is support when you are learning GeoGebraTube makes lessons easy to share

    Here are some classroom-ready activities that I’d like to explore with you


    Algebra 1

    Guiding Questions and Drop-down Menu Guide Holes and posts

    The Thirsty Crow – an old fable brought to life with data collection and sliders

    Mohegan Sun Arena – a spreadsheet for an arithmetic sequence and series

    Checkerboard Tile Border – an applet to help find a rule for a pattern

    Setting Posts –  find a rule for adding positive and negative numbers

    Multiplying Binomials –  an area model to visualize the product of binomials

    Quadratic Palooza – 3 forms of a quadratic function respond to the same sliders

    Simplifying Radicals – use the intersection of a rectangle’s diagonal and interior lattice points

    Angry Birds – quadratic modeling with sliders

    Glenn’s TMC13 Favorite – vertex form for all kinds of functions

    Multiplying non-Zero Integers – a four-quadrant “Times Table,” with a fill-in worksheet


    Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 5.44.29 PM

    Guiding Questions

    Multiple Transformations Practice – Freely explore or hit targets

    Kandinsky Puzzle – Recreate a work of art with transformations

    Islamic Lattices – angle pairs formed by parallel lines cut by a transversal

    Vesica Picis – customizing the toolbar for classical constructions

    Going Crackers – a tutorial on embedding and annotating images

    Golden Ratio – more image embedding with a construction on top

    Radian Protractors – new protractors that I developed (proradian.net)

    Exploring Conic Sections – sixteen applets to introduce conics in Geometry

    Liu Hui Solids – exploring 3rd century Chinese mathematics

    Rhombic Dodecs – cool shapes to build that fill space & create tetrahedral numbers


    GeoGebra As an Animation Tool – Make images come alive with transformations in GeoGebra!

    À la Kandinsky – an abstract art activity with transformations comes together with music

    Park Bench – a tribute to my favorite SM/PD site

    Golden Rectangles – iterations set to groovy lounge music